Hi, I'm Tom!


I'm a writer,  theatre maker and producer that works with other artists and communities to create performance and art projects that enable people to see the systems that govern their world and unleash their childish imagination. 

Or to real people: I'm a nerdy / introverted / working-class queer trying to start a revolution from my bedroom while giving people a good night out. 

The stuff I make is normally a bit tacky, it's on-the-nose, has music, it's not about rich people and doesn't always feel like Theatre (with a capital T). 

Have a look at ABOUT ME and HIRE ME if you want to know more about what I do, but in case you're here looking to offer me a job: 

I'm currently one of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellows for 2020, a year-long development programme focused on fundraising skills. I am also one of 20 people to take part in a new programme called Creative Leadership, delivered by the School for Social Entrepreneurs and funded by Arts Council England where I'm focusing on working-class leadership. 

I created The Black Hole Project which is all about epilepsy and emotion and I'm just starting a body of work called inbadtaste a strand of anti-capitalist work that disrupts the middle-class ideals of taste. I've done other stuff too, you can find that in ARCHIVE. I did all this while being the Assistant Producer for Out of Joint.


I also:

  • write musicals

  • offer fundraising consultation

  • do access support work for disabled artists

  • lecture

  • do dramaturgy

  • can probably fix your computer

  • can definitely pick 2 kinds of lock

If you want to chat drop me an email at