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Photo by Holly Revell

Most of this site is currently down and under maintenance while it is updated. But, there's some brief info below and you can still drop me an email.

Hi! I'm Tom - I'm a writer and a fundraiser. Here's a quick overview ofd some of my writing work:

I want to write things that explore different kinds of imagination. I often work with non-writing collaborators (e.g. sound designers) from the conception stage of my work to integrate different elements and sometimes I work with communities and people who wouldn't say they're artists. 

I'm currently attached to The Royal Court exploring disabled dramaturgy and to Oxford Playhouse as part of their playmaker programme writing a play called "Blackpool Lights".

I was one of the Starting Blocks Artists with CPT for 2021 and in a Royal Court Writers Group in 2021.

The Black Hole Project is a series of shows I'm making about epilepsy, childhood hospitalisation and play. 

I've also got an MA in Writing Musicals so I can sometimes be found writing book too.

Get in touch with me ( or my agent ( for enquiries.


If you're looking for info about my fundraising work - go to my company at

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