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I make shows for adults which are both childish and political. I work with other artists and communities to tell stories which let people use their imagination and play around with the big structures that govern our world. 

I was one of the Starting Blocks Artists with CPT for 2021. I'm also on the playmaker programme with Oxford Playhouse and in a Royal Court Writers Group.

The Black Hole Project is a series of shows I'm making about epilepsy, childhood hospitalisation and play. 

I've also got an MA in Writing Musicals so I can sometimes be found writing musicals and plays in ways that seem more traditional 

Check out my ARCHIVE for what I've made in the past and PROJECTS for my current work.

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I think organising is a better term than producing for what I do. I make things happen like a producer, but my practice is hugely informed by political and community organising and I sometimes called it cultural organising.

I have a company called BAP! where I do most of this work, check it out to find out more.

I work with Clitterhouse Farm Project in North London helping to organise everything from food hubs to arts projects. 

I'm part of the Working-Class Artist Group, you can find us on twitter. We're a group of artists and producers trying to make the arts less middle-class. 

I am also one of 20 people to take part in a new programme called Creative Leadership, delivered by the School for Social Entrepreneurs and funded by Arts Council England where I'm focusing on working-class leadership.

Follow my socials to keep up-to-date with this stuff. 


Arts Fundraising is often something that's reserved for the professional-class but it shouldn't be. A huge part of fundraising is telling people the right story about your project and knowing how to back that up with data. 


I'm passionate about bringing funding to communities that haven't had a lot of access to it, and making sure those communities know they can use it to to imagine how we can do things differently.

 I was one of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellows for 2020-21, a year-long development programme focused on fundraising skills. I'm also the Head of Development for the NPO Stockroom.


I focus on developing strategy for creatives and small companies that want to create social change or activisms. 

Send me an email if you want to talk about a project.