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December 2022


Omnibus Theatre

It’s the early 00s and Sing-derella really wants to go to Brad and Jen’s Christmas ball, but the dress code doesn’t allow for a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

The two ugly step sisters Kim and Aggie are giving her a rough time, but when she stumbles upon a magical karaoke machine everything changes.

Every night a guest performer walks on to the stage, with no rehearsal, and has to try and perform an entire panto from a karaoke machine. Filled with songs and dance mat challenges, this is a tribute to the huns that actually lived through the Y2K era. To get to the end, the performer might need a little help from the audience too, but don’t worry there’s no compulsory singing.

Set to a backdrop of Atomic Kitten, Destiny’s Child and Double Denim – Sing-derella is a good night out where anything could happen.

Wear your best Tammy Girl outfit. Y2K dress encouraged but not essential.

Sing-derella was created for Omnibus Theatre xmas 2022.

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