Beth runs The Dunsinane, it's a gay bar in Scarborough and someone is coming to take it away from her. A rewriting of macbeth using spoken word, body percussion and found music which explores queer working-class spaces and the sactuary they offer.


Can You See Into a Black Hole? is a disco-adventure through an epileptic family. When I was a child I wanted to be an astronaut but I went camping when I was 8 and has my first seiure in Scarborough and that future was lost, so instead, I became a story teller and this is my story. Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre for DARE Festival 2018. 


Growing up in Doncaster masculinty taught me to be silent. It took about 6 years and one friend called Simon who start talking again. Finding Simon is an ongoing project to help other men find that Simon too. 


The 21ST Century has seen the rise of post-truth politics. Orpheus asks "How do we survive the 21st Century?". It's an electronic musical being developed with composer Dom James. It was first performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East in January 2018 as part of BEAM 2018.  


We all know Audrey Hepburn the star but how many of us know Audrey the woman? The recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the daughter of a fascist she hid from the cameras, Audrey is the greatest secret keeper of the 20th Century. However, on a beach in Mexico in 1989 she met her match in the formidable Barbara Walters and two women conducted one of the most intense interviews in history. AUDREY is a new musical in development with composer Amy Le Rossignol.


A lot happened in 1965. The first ever Tamla-Motown tour came to the UK and brought the Northern Soul movement into the mainstream. It was also the year the UK created the Race Relations Act which prohibited discrimination against someone on the grounds of race. Jane also met Tracy in a small village in West Yorkshire, and they have to figure out if they can love each other across the boundary of Race. 50 years later at the Northern Soul championships in Blackbool their grandchildren have a second choice to right their wrong, but, has much changed?