EASY-READ: In Favour of Bad Taste

When I was younger. I went to see a play called The Tartuffe, it's an old play but they did a rap from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a TV show.

Older middle-class people didn't like it, but I thought it was really exciting.

I've never had a typical middle-class good taste in theatre.

I went to school in the 00s and get a good education but when I graduated there were no jobs because the economy was in a bad state.

This meant It didn't matter I had a good education, I wasn't rich enough to do well.

At the same time, the theatre industry was worried about money and lots of people were giving jobs to their rich friends because they couldn't pay much.

These people thought they were poor because they weren't paid much compared to the high-paid lawyers they could have been, but they still had money.

This means they didn't know how privileged they were.

They often support the idea that if you learn lots about theatre, you'll be able to join in. But, that's not true, I showed that.

They encourage people to make theatre in their idea of taste.

So I think we should make theatre with bad taste in order to change things.

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