I have worked as part of West End theatre management teams and also producing for a National Portfolio Organisation. Drop me an email for my CV. 



I have written and consulted successfully on a number of funding applications. I primarily work with ACE applications for theatre or multi-disciplinary works and have successfully secured funding for shows in London, on tour and at festivals such as VAULT. 

Email me to chat about how I can help.


I am a considerate and thorough dramaturg, I primarily carry out this process in a rehearsal or workshop room with collaborators but can also give script notes after a brief conversation. I specialise in working with teams that include both neurodiverse and neurotypical creatives and also with musical projects. I am also really interested in the dramaturgy of non-theatrical forms. 


I have done finance administration for ATG in the West End and for a number of National Portfolio Organisations. As well as hiring me as an administrator I can design complex spreadsheets, for example a touring payroll system, to save time and money for small and mid-scale organisations. I am experienced with Xero and Quickbooks, get in touch for examples of my system design. 


have done access support work for a number of people when applying to Arts Council England. This means I support them in accessing funding which they might not otherwise be able to access without assistance. I specialise in supporting people with mental health needs and neurodiverse applicants. This work is paid for by the Arts Council, get in touch and I'm happy to show you how this process works. 


I'm interested in working on projects that combine big ideas with entertainment, I have produced both London and touring projects and have also produced a number of creative conferences including in the West End, I am primarily interested right now in Event / Project Management work. I can lead on a project and also do as little as a half-day sessions to help with project planning or strategy.