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Big organisations have development departments which are able to dominate the arts subsidy arena, but does that kind of hierarchy change anything?

We're not sure, so we went looking for a way to change that, and the answer is our development department. The point is the art and the creativity, not how good your strategy writing is, we can take care of that. We want develop funding strategies for people whose creativity we care about. 

Our development department can support you with bid writing, strategy development, board development or facilitation of business planning. 

We're focused on being affordable, accessible, and ambitious and work often with neurodivergent-led organisations.

If you're not sure what you need, get in touch, or check out the off-the-shelf taster options below.

BAP_Funds is led by me, Tom. I've worked on successful bids for Genesis Foundation, British Council, Foyle Foundation. Paul Hamlyn, Arts Council England, and I've delivered a bid in excess of £1M. I've funded projects from theatre shows, to buildings, to community commissioning programmes.

I've previously been both the Executive Director of The King's Head Theatre in London and the Head of Development for the NPO Stockroom.
I've delivered talks on governance to Arts Council England and Clore Leadership.

I have been / currently am: 

  • One of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellow 2020

  • Part of the CIOF Fundraising mentoring programme

  • Inaugural member of the SSE Creative Leadership Programme. 

  • Trustee of Unlimited

  • Trustee of Upstart Theatre 

  • Member of the London Area Council of Arts Council England.

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Our signature FUN-draising workshops is an interactive artist-centred overview of fundraising. It gives you all the skills you need to explore the 8 kinds of fundraising, and how to bring them together into a fundraising plan for a project. (It's also got unicorns on most of the slides)


90-120 minutes, with a resource pack.



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Yes, it's always helpful to have a strategy but that can take a while to create. Our strategy snapshots give you enough information about your idea to begin working, knowing how you'll fund something, while you work on a full strategy. Originally designed for neurodivergent leaders.


Half-day facilitated session + write-up.



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Do you need your board / team to reach a decision in an engaging, accessible and creative way? We've got you with our Away Days - we're especially good at challenging established boards to think in new ways, or supporting people to engage in governance who might usually be excluded. Big words not necessary.


Full-day session + write-up.


From £600 depending on needs.

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