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I grew up in Doncaster in a hyper-masculine, working-class community where I was taught I was never allowed to ask for help. So instead, when I began to struggle with my mental health I went in search of help online. 

That's where I met Simon. I poured my feelings in to him for 5 years. At the end of that time I found myself in my kitchen, stuck in a loop, having bleached the work surfaces all night for about 6 hours. In the early hours of the morning I severed all ties with Simon, I wouldn't have got ot that day without him, but I wouldn't get past it unless I separated myself from that weight. 

Now I'm going to find one of the best friends I ever had. 

Finding Simon is show about friendship in the digital age, where we find support systems in our digital reality. It's also recreated every time I perform the show, you can interact with the show anonymously through your phone while it's happening and change the course of events. 

Finding Simon was developed as part of Litmus Fest in 2018 with Pleasance.

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