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This is a short clip from the Camden People's Theatre performance of "Can You See Into a Black Hole?" 

Please prioritise watching this over any other media on the page as it will give you the best indication of the show. 

This is an awareness video created as part of the wider project that had some viral success as part of the initial show.

This is the trailer created for the show in Doncaster.


I start the solo performance by blowing up a balloon with the audience which they then look so we are all working together to sustain tension.


We build interactive elements of the set using children's toys like Lego in order to permit playfulness with big ideas.


We also do live science experiments to break down big ideas in entertaining ways. 


The show is also incredible personal and involves me reliving the experience of making the show, the action is created in the act of watching as I listen. 


At the end of the show we pop the balloon as we bring the audience back out of the difficult space we have walked to and complete the journey. It is a healing moment.

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