Orpheus is lost in the 21st Century like the rest of us. He is a product of every story every told about him and there are so many he doesn't know who he is anymore. In all the questions there is one that lies at the heart of all the stories which he pursues more than any other: is he a good man? 

Athena offers to show him who he really if he will make a deal with her. Orpheus must do the one thing even the Goddess of wisdom can't do: he must figure out how to survive the 21st Century. 

As Ancient Gods fight over out fate the secret they seek lies in humanity. In order to understand how to survive the 21st Century we must first understand what we lost when it began. Orpheus goes in search of the four people who have experienced loss like he has in the hope he finds what he seeks. 

ORPHEUS is an electronic musical about the rise of post-truth politics in the 21st Century and what makes a good man. 

It had a first sharing at Theatre Royal Stratford East in February 2018 and is now in a further writing stage. It is a collaboration between me and composer Dom James.