I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 8, it changed my life forever and this project is a body of work exploring that change for me and other people. I'm trying to disrupt the medical narrative of epilepsy to focus on the emotional, psychological and social impact it has on people. 

So far I've created a solo performance about my childhood called "Can You See Into a Black Hole?" which has been performed at Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden People's Theatre and The Holbeck. Outside of that I am working with a group of researchers in childhood epilepsy to look a science and art collaborative responses to epileptic identities. Get in touch if you want to chat too. 

PRODUCTION TRAILER BY: http://www.waynesablesproject.co.uk/

The Black Hole Project


Tom was going to be the first astronaut from Doncaster until he had an epileptic seizure when he was 8. An entire future was snatched away from him. But now, 16 years later he's here to take it back whatever the cost. 

With an original soundtrack every night made up of interviews with his parents "Can You See Into a Black Hole?" is the story of how his family survived their world collapsing into a black hole.  

Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre for Dare Festival 2018 and now supported by a grant from Arts Council England. 

PRODUCTION PHOTOS BY: https://www.timothykelly.co.uk/


For Purple Day 2019 I made this video which gives theatres and performances spaces three easy tips to make their building more accessible to people with epilepsy.