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The Second World War tore apart Edda's world. Her father left her family to join the fascist party while her and her mother went into hiding and she danced ballet to raise money for the resistance. As she emerged exhausted but safe Edda Kathleen Ruston became Audrey Hepburn and buried her past in a name she left behind. 

Audrey is known for her little black dresses, her films and her sunglasses. She is not known for her 6 miscarriages, her presidential medal of freedom or her childhood sneaking messages across enemy lines in her ballet shoes. 

Audrey Hepburn is the greatest secret keeper of the 20th Century, even her identity remains secret. 

However in 1989 she met her match. On a beach in Mexico she met one of the greatest journalists that has ever lived who reached in to her life and lead Edda back out by the hand. 

Audrey is the story of two woman learning to reveal their secrets for the first time.

Excerpts from a first draft of Audrey were showcased at both Above The Arts and The Tristan Bates theatres in 2018. It is a collaboration with composer Amy Le Rossignol.