I'm Tom. I make live performances and shows in theatres and other weird spaces. A lot of these shows are intentionally quite tacky and hopefully fun, I do this by focusing on working-class and queer experiences of the world. 

A lot of the time we're expected to keep our eyes shut to the systems that govern our world but I want to put a spotlight on them. I'm not here to change anyone's mind but I am here to let you know what powers in the world have caused you to make certain choices, even when you think you haven't made a choice. 

I started off being a writer and did an MA Writing Musicals (Distinction) at Mountview Academy, but I realised that writing in the traditional sense couldn't always achieve what I wanted to achieve. I like to work collaboratively, I like to work with people who don't normally make theatre and I like to break things. So, I started to move into theatre-making and producing in less traditional ways. 

My practice is often about creating real life interventions in the world, documenting those interventions, then making a live performance to reveal the systems at play to make that intervention possible. 



I'm one of the 2020 Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellows, which means I'm spending a year going through a development programme for fundraisers. I'm specifically looking at how we fund touring but I'm also interested in how we make fundraising more accessible to working-class artists and makers. 

I'm on the Creative Leadership Programme, delivered by The School for Social Entrepreneurs and funded by Arts Council England. I'm spending 2 years going through leadership development and also trying to answer the question "How can we better enable working-class communities to create cultural and creative leaders?". You should follow my social media accounts to keep up to date with my work on this.

I'm part of the working-class artist group, this is a collective of 30+ artists from all over the UK who create work and activisms around class in the arts sector. You can find us on twitter.

I'm the part-time Assistant Producer for Out of Joint, a mid-scale touring theatre company. I've worked on national tours of "The Glee Club" by Richard Cameron, "Rita, Sue and Bob Too" by Andrea Dunbar and "The Remains of The Day" adapted by Barney Norris from the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. 


You can find out more about my work on both PROJECTS and ARCHIVE but here is a quick creative CV.


Blackpool Lights - Theatre503

Dir. Max Elton

Two men are alone in a hotel room in Blackpool, they've been hooking up for a long time, and finally one asks the other to stay the night.

ORGREAVE - The Arcola

Three generations of the town of Orgreave explore the Civil Wars it was subject to The 1984 attack on miners, the rotherham paedophile ring and Brexit. 


Prod. Daisy Hale

A play and video game experience that centres the experience of optimal outcome Autism. 

ORPHEUS - Theatre Royal Stratford East as part of BEAM 2018

Composer. Dom James. 

Orpheus has inspired art for so long he's forgotten who he is, now he's got to figure it out. Electronic musical.
AUDREY - Mountview Academy / Above The Arts / The Tristan Bates

Composer. Amy Le Rossignol. 

Audrey Hepburn is known for being beautiful but there's more to her than that. Musical. 

BETH - Mosaic Festival

Prod. Daisy Hale. 

Queer + Working-class reclaiming of Macbeth is the central character didn't expect power. Immersive musical with slam poetry and body percussion. 

The Fall of Fire - York New Musicals Festival

Composer. Kristina Craven. 

Musical set in Ancient Rome exploring the rebellion of the Vestal Virgins. 

What Becomes? - York Drama Barn

The Tamla-Motown came to the UK in 1965, Jane is going to go but then she finds out she's pregnant. 

Saros 145 - York Drama Barn

Two brothers decide to go through assisted dying together as we watch years earlier when their mum, a nurse, worked on one of the first patients with a DNAR order. 


Can You See Into a Black Hole? - Shoreditch Town Hall / CPT / The Holbeck

Commissioned by Upstart Theatre, a solo show about my experience of growing up with epilepsy. ACE Funded. 

Finding Simon - Pleasance

Residency at Pleasance Islington as part of Litmus Fest, exploring online anonymity, drag and e-friends.



I've directed RENT, Songs for a New World, Breaking The Code by Hugh Whitemore and a number of development workshops. 


Specialise in neurodiverse dramaturgy. I've done Dramaturgy for "Winded" by Amy Le Rossignol and "Asper Girl" by Hannah Cound. Lectures in 21st Century Musical Theatre Dramaturgy at the University of Portsmouth. 


As Assistant Producer for Out of Joint I've worked on 3 UK Tours, 4 new script workshop processes and an industry-wide conference about class diversity in the sector.