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At the core of my work there are two things: 


I want to take the most extraordinary ideas I can find and give them to ordinary people to play with and break and rebuild, I want to give politics to paramedics and black holes to my parents. The thing is, these people are also extraordinary in ways the world doesn't often see, hence the (extra).

Most of the time I do this by writing but I'm also a theatre maker, producer and occasional speaker / performer.

BoyAndPen is my website and also the company I use to make this work. It's got this name because I like to turn up somewhere with me and a pen and that's all the decisions I've made when I start a project. 

I grew up in Doncaster and chose to do GCSE drama because I thought I fancied a girl in the class, I then realised I was gay but I forgot to leave the drama classroom. I was meant the be a mathematician when I was a teenager, or a computer programmer, but I changed my mind and did a BA English Lit in York and then an MA Writing Musicals at Mountview Academy. 

Since that time I've written 3 musicals, 4 plays, a solo performance and a pile of collaborative / community / creative projects that are harder to categorise. You can find more about them here. I've had work performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East, Camden People's Theatre and The Tristan bates Theatre and worked with companies like SlungLow and Upstart Theatre.

At the moment my work falls into roughly three strands: 

1) HEALTH: I'm really interested in how we tell stories about chronic health conditions, for the last year I've been leading  The Black Hole Project, a body of work about growing up with epilepsy. 

2) CIVIC PARTICIPATION: There have been huge shifts in how people participation in society through protest, especially in the North East, and I'm interested in what we might have lost in recent years. Check out What Becomes? about how Yorkshire was changed in 1965 when the first Motown Tour came to the UK. 


3) QUEER SPACE: I think a lot of people in metropolitan cities are making great queer spaces by they're sometimes inaccessible to the working-class non-instagrammable queers among us, I'm really interested in queer gatekeeping, check out BETH for more info. 

 I am also the Assistant Producer for Out of Joint and incredibly passionate about touring new writing. 

You can also book me as a speaker or facilitator for storytelling (especially working with neurodiverse participants), accessible recruitment, class protest in performance and lots of other things.