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colourblind (hence the colours)


obsessed with lego

a bit tacky


a cat called cosmo


epilepsy (kind of, ask me)

an MA in writing musicals



LinkedIn (don't)


I do a lot of things, I know. Sometimes it can seem like all of these things are a random assortment but they are all fuelled by the same drive. 

We're taught a lot of things in the world are absolutes, like the way we organise money or that men are more powerful than other genders. We're taught not to waste our time on imagining anything beyond these things, because they won't change.

In contrast, the most priveleged in society are taught to imagine the future, and that balance doesn't sit right with me. All the things I do come back to trying to change this.

The shows I make are all about giving people a chance to get into that childish head space where you can imagine just about anything. My funding and organising work is about helping other people to do that imagining too because I'm not the right person for everyone's imagination.

In a world where only the powerful are given permission to imagine how the future turns out, I think it's a radical act to take that right away from them.


 (21/22) Playmaker - Oxford Playhouse

On attachment to Oxford Playhouse for a year developing "Blackpool Lights" about inherited family shame and the history of Blackpool.

(21) Self-care or how to start a revolution

Developed through BAP! and commissioned by CRIPtic originally for The Barbican. A comedic look at how disability might show us the truth behind the self-care industry.

(20) George Michael Musical

Bookwriter commissioned for early development of new George Michael musical that did not proceed to production.

(19) Orgreave

A lot of people know what happened in 1984, but what is the legacy? Originally developed in a scratch for The Arcola and now being developed further with a DYCP grant from ACE.

(18) Orpheus Musical - TRSE / BEAM

New musical about Orpheus in a post-modern 21st Century, performed at TRSE as part of BEAM 2018.

(16) BETH - Mountview

What happens in Macbeth when the main character isn't a righ guy in a castle? What if it's someone who was never taught to crave power? BETH retells the story of Macbeth but sets it in the last gay bar in Scarborough. A part-musical created with found sound and drag.

Disabled Dramaturgy - Royal Court (22)

On attachment to The Royal Court exploring disabled dramaturgy with Shahid Iqbal Khan and Matilda Ibini.

Writer's Group - Royal Court (21)

Completed a writers group at The Royal Court, writing "Sharon" a comedy about the climate crisis and invention of money set entirely in Greggs.

Education, Education, Karaoke (21)

Developed through BAP! a guest performer show where a new performer every night performs the show, karaoke included, with no rehearsal. Commissioned as part of Starting Blocks at CPT.

Can You See Into a Black Hole? - Iris, Cast, Upstart (18-21)

Autobiographical show exploring my own childhood experience of epilepsy made in collaboration with my parents. Comissioned by Upstart for Shoreditch Town Hall, developed further with an ACE grant and support from CPT and Slunglow. Performed as part of Iris Theatre summer season 2021, and commissioned for an audio adaptation by Cast, Doncaster.

Audrey Musical - Mountivew (16)

New Musical about Audrey Hepburn developed with mountview and composer Amy Le Rossignol. Went on to be performed at Above The Arts and Seven Dials Playhouse.

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