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really gay


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a cat called cosmo


epilepsy (kind of, ask me)

an MA in writing musicals



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I do a lot of things, I know. Sometimes it can seem like all of these things are a random assortment but they are all fuelled by the same drive. 

There are a lot of things in the world that we're taught are absolutes, that must happen, but a lot of the time we're taught this to reinforce existing power structures. 

And it is taught, because when we're children a lot of us have this wild imagination and believe anything can be possible. 

Only the most privileged in society are ever taught to imagine the future, and I want to change that. 

The shows I make are all about giving people a chance to get into that childish head space where you can imagine just about anything. My organising work is about helping people create structural change. 

I don't really want to tell people what to think, but I do want to create spaces where people have a chance to imagine something different. 

In a world where only the powerful are given permission to imagine ho the future is, I think this is a radical act.

You can see what I'm doing in PROJECTS and what I have done before in ARCHIVE



Tom makes childish stories for adults so people can explore how the world might be, instead of how it is.

Here's some select credits, have a look at PROJECTS for more info or email for a CV.

Tom is also working on projects or schemes for Barbican Centre, The Royal Court and Oxford Playhouse.

"Can you see into a black hole?"

CYSIABH ia an autobiographical pieces which retells the story of my childhood growing up with epilepsy. However, it puts back in that narrative the conversations I never had with my parents, using interviews and an innovative soundscape. 

Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre for Shoreditch Town Hall. Received ACE funding to go through further development at Camden People's Theatre with Slunglow. The show has now been commissioned to be performed outdoors in Covent Garden for summer 2021.

"Education, Education, Karaoke"

EEK is a show exploring the divisions British state education created for young people throughout the 00s, and how karaoke might be the answer for us to unite again.

Developed as part of the Starting Blocks programme 2021 at Camden People's Theatre. It will have its first sharing in November 2021. 

"How to be an Astronaut"

Family show about how families might have better conversations about their feelings when a young person spends a lot of time in hospital.

Began development in a residency at ArtsDepot in 2020. The show was then shortlisted for the Unlimited Emerging Artist Award 2021. 



Organising is the umbrella term I give to lots of work which boils down to making difficult things happen.

Things I do: 

Public speaking about cultural governance - I'm speaking about ableism at the 2021 Governance Now Conference. 


Facilitate away days - most recently with Spark Arts in Leicester. 


Develop fundraising strategy and work on bids - I'm the Head of Development for Stockroom.


Produce shows and community programmes - I've produced various projects from mid-scale national tours to community programmes.



One of 20 people to take part in a new programme called Creative Leadership, delivered by the School for Social Entrepreneurs and funded by Arts Council England where I'm focusing on working-class leadership.

One of the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellows for 2020-21, a year-long development programme focused on fundraising skills. I focus on developing strategy creatives and small companies that want to create social change or activisms. 

Part of the working-class artist group. 

Trustee and Secretary for Unlimited. 

Head of Development for Stockroom. 

Trustee for Upstart Theatre.

Recipient of the StageOne New producer Bursary.